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LensCover Roll Ups are great for driving and outdoor use: When you're outside in the sun or driving you want ultraviolet light protection LensCover roll ups are there.

Lightweight and easy to use great for glare protection while behind the wheel. LensCover roll up lenses also protect you from sun and glare from both left and right sides allowing superior peripheral protection. They are also to easy to store or wrap around arm when not in use.

Good for sports and outdoor activities: LensCover roll up sunglasses are ideal for outdoor sports concerts theme parks golf courses; the 180-degree wrap-a-round design offers protection from wind and dust. Just slip a pair in your briefcase car purse or gym bag.

Made in the USA for LensCovers by the leader in eye care protection.

Quantity of 10 pcs in this listing

Plastic frame
Plastic lens
UV Protection Coating coating
With the LensCover roll up lenses you always have a spare pair of sunglasses in your auto purse backpack school bag desk briefcase boat and locker.
10 pack of LensCovers Roll Up Lenses
If you wear prescription glasses LensCover roll up sunglasses provide excellent eye protection against the sun by easily slipping behind your frames.
Don't worry about losing breaking or misplacing LensCover roll ups! They are inexpensive in comparison to framed sunglasses. Protects kid eyes and also makes them look cool! LensCover roll up lenses have a universal fit compatible for all ages.
Professional grade LensCover Roll up gray lenses are highly effective at protecting post-mydriatic patients' light-sensitive eyes by blocking out harmful sunlight. Their contoured shape and head-hugging design offer significantly more protection from annoying side glare. In addition roll ups offer 100% ultraviolet protection and only 6% to 8% visible light transmission.

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