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Super warm and performance cold weather neck warmer. Different from any other neck gaiter in the market the campfire neck gaiter has following great features:

It protects you from the cold in tough conditions and looks great furthermore breathable comfort.

Paired with campfire beanie it is most versatile cold weather gear. Field tested and approved!

NON-SLIP TECHNOLOGY - Techcially adding non-slip band inside makes this gaiter not slide dwon from face. The soft band holds the gaiter in place during any activity not worry about falling down. Great for skiing snowboarding running and cycling.You can not find this design from other brands
SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEED SHAPE LEAVE MORE SPACE AT NOSE AND MONTH BREATHABLE COMFORT- Cover from the top of your nose down to shirt collar with enough height in the back to fit over. Breaths comfortable with this gaiter during exercise. Thanks for our customer Terry Griffith's feedback the gaiters ordered since 11/30/2020 will have more space between nose and gaiter so the fabric will not smoosh nose
SOFT HEAVYWEIGHT AND WINDPROOF FLEECE - Designed to protect sportsman from the wind sun and dust. Your neck and face will stay warm and dry throughout the day with this fleece warmer
CLASSIC BUFFALO PLAID FLEECE FOR ANY ACTIVITY - Four colorways available it'll be tough to decide which color to wear! Quality outdoor face shield that looks great the perfect gift for outdoorsman
NAVIGATOR HUNTING NECK GAITERS - DESIGNED FOR SERIOUS HUNTERS - Navigator gaiters is warm quiet and blocking wind. It will not slip down from your face and let you breath comfort when used as face mask in approaching deers or waterfowl. Features In Deep camo for Big Game & whitetail hunting and Blindspot Timber camo for waterfowl hunting both patterns offer great concealment

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