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Multifunctional Fashion and Health Accessory - The Coquette is modeled after the iconic mid-Century staple the scarf cleverly improved to double as a Face Cover.
Natural Enriched Material - Modal is made from Beech Tree Pulp Extremely Absorbent and especially well suited for Micro-Encapsulation to bring you effortless Health and Beauty Benefits.
Signature Fashion Formula - We infuse the material with Coenzyme Q10 for Anti-Aging properties non-Silver-based Germ Repellent for Odor Control and a unique Fragrance for Lasting Freshness.
From Casual to Formal - Worn around the Neck as a Headscarf or over the Shoulders the Coquette fits any occasion. Perfect on a Soccer field as well as on Wedding parties and Black Tie events.
Protective and Stylish - With smartly placed Elastic Ear Loops pulled up over your Mouth and Nose the Coquette becomes the most pleasant Face Cover you'll ever wear.

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