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  1. 8 slots in total provide plenty of space for prescription glasses and sunglasses
  2. Clear acrylic lid helps beautifully showcase your collections making it a piece of cake to pick and choose your favorite pair of glasses for any occasion
  3. Fleece-lined interior protects your glasses from scratches whatsoever keeping them like brand new for years to come.


- It is recommended to use soft cloth to clean the box gently. Do not scrub harshly.

- Store it in the dry place.


Leather Transparent Acrylic
Not Your Average Glasses Organizer ----- Comes with 8 or 12 compartments perfect to store your sunglasses with the help of a divider (NOT included) it can be easily turned into a wonderful organizer for your jewelry and watches
Great Spot for Your Collections ----- Made of moisture-proof PU leather exterior accented with soft lining interior for elegant and luxurious appearance making a perfect home for all your collections of glasses watches jewelry etc.
Easier to Pick A Style ----- Transparent acrylic top allows you effortlessly to see through the box making it super handy to pick a pair of glasses or watch to match your outfit
Lockable & Dustproof Organizer ----- The lid shelters your favorite item from dust and excessive moistures making sure they are just like brand new for years to come the lockable organizer provides even more security
A Fantastic Present ----- The perfect combination of functionality and elegance this organizer is made to impress

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