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We have re-designed the very popular SOTSU in a more opaque (non see-through) design as many of our customers enjoyed the slouchy summer beanie but were a little unimpressed with the transparency.

Of course as they say in Japan the customer is king/queen so we listened and delivered in the kind material cotton!

Cotton is not only beneficial to your skin as it is hypoallergenic it retains its shape and can be worn all year round! This beanie in
particular has a loosely stitched design which allows your skin to breathe. Excellent for use in spring and
summer and generally great for wear in the warmer climates as well. In the colder
seasons the beanie can comfortably be worn around the house to keep you warm.

Did we also mention it is low maintenance Cotton is easier to wash and care for than other fabrics and doesn t stink!

This beanie has a small metal Charm emblem on the side as an added fashionable detail.

Designed by our team in Osaka Japan

Washing instructions:
For all our products we recommend hand-washing with delicate washing detergent. After washing roll up your
item in a towel squeeze gently until the excess water has come out and then hang in a shaded area to dry.

Size: Headsizes of 54cm to 59cm (21.2inches to 23.2inches)


MADE BY OUR FRIENDS IN BALI - Handmade to the highest quality standards.

100% Cotton
ETHICALLY PRODUCED IN BALI - All our summer beanies are made using high quality stitching techniques by a small family run factory in Indonesia
100% COTTON BEANIE WITH SLOUCHY SILHOUETTE - Lightweight and ventilating. Excellent in the spring and summer. The oversized baggy beanie is opaque but allows some air circulation through the fibres and preventing the build up of excess heat
PROTECTS YOUR SKIN This beanie has anti-allergen properties so it is friendly for those with sensitive skin and scalp. Cotton will not agitate your hair folicles so it is also safe for those who are suffering from hair loss
COMFORTABLE AND ALL SEASON - As our popular slouchy beanie is made from cotton it can be worn all year round! Summer winter autumn and spring - Cotton acts as an insulator for cold and hot days and won't stick to your skin during the summer heat
LIGHT WEIGHT AND STRETCHY - Beanie was designed to provide a superior fit and clean silhouette. Thanks to its' stretchability the slouchy hat is very easy to slip on and off without a hassle. Suits head sizes of 54cm to 59cm (21.2inches to 23.2inches)
DESIGNED IN JAPAN - The unisex summer beanie slouch hat was designed right here in-house in our little office in Osaka Japan! When designing items we are always thinking of our customers as we believe our items should to be practical and fashionable. Made in Bali- Handmade to the highest quality standards by our team in paradise

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