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Sports sunglasses.Polarized sunglasses

Sport sunglasses

Trendy Sunglasses mirrored coating sunglasses

Sunglasses for women and men UV Protection 100%.

Sunglasses outdoor lifestyle 100% UV Protection

Wearing these outdoor sunglasses when you're fishing hiking fishing or running

More about these polarized sunglasses for women and men

1. Anti-UV Treatment. You are an outdoor explorer You want to have the most convenient sunglasses with an effective vision and protection The Betta Vision Sunglasses is an answer. These polarized sunglasses with anti-UV treatment will cover your eyes properly and are scratch-resistant. Perfect for an outdoor explorerjust like you.

2. Various lenses color. Various tints are offered and all have a different visual effect. You adapt your polarized sunglasses to your lifestyle!

3. Polarized Sunglasses.Sunglasses reduce brightness and protect your eyes from harsh glare.

4. Light Weight. Like shoes we want them light and comfortable these sunglasses too are light and comfortable for your all-day-long outdoor activities.

5. Running Sunglasses hiking sunglasses cycling sunglasses. Sunglasses for fishing driving. You'll be amazed that how much these polarized sunglasses can give you!

Betta Vsion also known as Betta got its name from a Thailand fighting fish-the Siamese fighting fish(betta fish) due to their varied and vibrant color however aggressive behavior. We want to make everyone see the world from a different view. With Betta see a different world.

TR90 frame
Tri Acetate Cellulose lens
Mirror Coating coating
Lens width: 2.13 inches
Lens height: 1.69 inches
Bridge: 0.71 inches
Arm: 5.43 inches
Polarized Sunglasses: Sunglasses for men and women polarized. They provide you a better view of the world. With Betta uncover a better view of the world.
UV Protection Sunglasses:These Betta sport sunglasses lens are UV protection coated to protect your eyes from all harmful UV rays when you re running,cycling,hiking and fishing or taking a trip to a beach.
TR90 frame super constructive material this will increase the sunglasses service life and last their comfortableness even you wear them whole day long.
Sports sunglasses running sunglasses. Light weight clear vision these sunglasses are great for running they don't move or bounce.
All Betta customers enjoy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can return and get refund if not satisfied. You have no risk to try and we will provide you the best service!

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