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Bag-a-Vie Purse Pillow and Handbag Shaper

Luxury Bags for Life

At Bag-a-Vie handbags are more than an accessory. French for Bag for Life our company has been in the luxury handbag business for years serving clients all around the world. We understand the passion and investment that goes into every purse tote or handbag which is why they deserve to be cared for so they last a lifetime. Elegant and effective we designed the perfect pillow shaper to easily maintain your entire designer bag collection.

  • Always store your bags in their dust bags laying down whenever possible to prevent sag and always in a dry safe place away from sunlight or hot lights.
  • Do not over stuff the bag by using the wrong size Bag-a-Vie* so as not to misshape the form of your bag.
  • Do not place plastic air pillows inside your leather bags.
  • Do not store in plastic boxes always allow air flow.

Proudly made in the USA. PATENTED moisture absorbing qualities for optimal protection. US Patent No. 9,265,315.

Below is a list of just a few suggested uses for some of today's most popular bags. They are great for MANY more styles and brands not listed below. If you don't see your bag below just drop us a note and we'll be glad to help you find your perfect fit.

PLEASE NOTE- This listing is for the Bag-a-Vie Purse Shaper only. Handbags not included. DO NOT close your Birkin bag when using Shaper. Bag-a-Vie Shapers are made to be stored with bag open - simply place insert inside tighten straps to allow moderate support from within and store.
PROTECTS & PRESERVES - Our Purse Shapers are created with moisture-absorbing materials discreetly encased in a lavish pillow-shape package that provides greater protection against moisture and humidity. In your choice of luxurious SATIN or extra moisture wicking HERRINGBONE. At Bag-a-Vie we believe beauty starts from within. Protected under US Patent No. 9,265,315 Trademark No. 5,912,576
LUXURIOUS QUALITY DESIGN - Proudly made in the USA. Our Purse Shapers feature indulgent SATIN or HERRINGBONE fabric and soft hypo-allergenic fill. Our natural HERRINGBONE adds an additional layer of protection by being naturally absorbent and whisking even more moisture away from your valued bags. Crafted especially for your coveted handbags/tote our Purse Shapers are a truly unique product that helps retain the shape of your handbags and prevents creasing while in your closet.
ELEGANT & FUNCTIONAL - A simple and exquisite solution to your handbag storage needs our pillows for purses are the perfect solution to ensure your purses and handbags stay in excellent condition. Surface clean only. Throw your Bag-a-Vie Purse Shapers into your dryer once a month to regenerate their moisture-absorbing qualities and to refresh.
ESSENTIAL HANDBAG CARE - Say goodbye to using messy tissue paper old towels or even socks to fill and stuff your handbags. Our exclusive collection of pillows for handbags will protect your treasured luxury bag!

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