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See Clearer Wearing Battle Vision
Your regular sunglasses may protect your eyes from UV rays but unless they re polarized they don t enhance clarity. Battle Vision by Atomic Beam are the newest polarized sunglasses that enhance your vision s clarity. See clearly with eliminated glare and enhanced colors. Plus Battle Vision gives your eyes superior protection from UV rays. Unrivaled Flexibility
Battle Vision is made with a special shape-memory polymer. Twist them bend them and Battle Vision s frames snaps back to their original shape! Now that s atomic tough! Paired with the snake-jaw hinges and super polarized HD lens these sunglasses are a trifecta of goodness for your eyes.

GLASSES FOR DRIVING: oncoming headlights have blinding glare. Slide on a pair of Night Vision Glasses part of the Battle Vision Sunglasses line to block the harsh glare so you can see clearly.
GREEN LENS NIGHT GLASSES: our amazing green lenses reduce glare from oncoming traffic so you see everything on the road to help keep you and others safe.
NEVER BE AFRAID TO DRIVE AT NIGHT AGAIN: driving at night is scary. But when you wear Night Vision Glasses you'll be able to see the road and your surroundings great restoring your confidence to drive at night again!
GREAT FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER: when it's raining or foggy out Night Vision Glasses are a must. You'll see with amazing clarity to help keep you driving safely.
REINFORCED FRAMES: our reinforced frames with memory have unrivaled flexibility. Night Vision glasses are built atomic tough to survive the daily abuse you throw at them. The frames snap back into shape!
UNISEX DESIGN: no matter your gender Night Vision Glasses will look great on you! Our stylish yet functional glasses fit everyone.
FREE BONUS PAIR: glasses easily get misplaced. That's why we've included a second bonus pair so you'll always keep your eyes protected.
ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST: Night Vision Glasses fit almost all adult heads!
INCLUDES 2 pairs of Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses

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