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About Cagliadi

We strive to find the best solution for your pocket and never lower the quality of the product. Our polarized sunglasses are just one of the latest innovations in our frame technology. The frame is designed in Italy and the material is formulated in Switzerland. We always believe that while producing the same high-quality materials as any well-known brand the profit is lower.

Super PC materials create a best-selling and durable frame

The most advanced Italian engineering

Who said that designing sunglasses is not rocket science These sunglasses are the most advanced. From materials to weight from design to lens quality these sunglasses are made with advanced science and technology. Polarized lenses will significantly reduce sun glare.

Close three-point coordination

The lens of the sunglasses uses a three-point fit. These ensure that the lens maintains extremely precise optical alignment. And provide absolutely unmistakable clarity.

Polarized hiking sunglasses for men and women

more details

Polarized lenses

100% UV400 eye protection effectively filters and blocks glare

Bolt hinge

Prevent the screws from loosening and make the arm easy to open and close

One-piece nose pads

The shape is relatively stable and not easily deformed by external forces

Advanced PC material

Reinforced metal hinges make the frame durable and comfortable

Suitable occasions: driving; fishing; traveling; parties; shopping

Sun protection fishing tourism outdoor sports cycling fashion clothing

100% UV400 protective lens the lens can filter out the glare of the reflective surface restore the vivid and colorful world in your eyes powerful enough to protect your eyes!

Aluminum Magnesium frame
Tri Acetate Cellulose lens
UV Protection Coating coating
Lens width: 68 millimeters
Protect your eyes with fashion We have created polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes when you are under the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and at the same time make you look irresistible because we know that health and fashion are both important. Whether you are driving walking or working whether you are a man or a woman be prepared to welcome all the main attention you might get and the envy of all those who can t figure out your little secret: your sunglasses.
These sunglasses are equipped with top polarized lenses that we have tested for a long time. Polarization reduces the glare reflected by mirrors shiny or polished materials or any other type of sunlight reflection. You will feel that your eyes are permanently relaxed because you will no longer squint! Whether you are driving at night walking in the park or enjoying a wonderful sunbathing on the beach you will not feel tired at the end of the day because your eyes are more relaxed.
The high-definition polarized lenses of our sunglasses provide true color perception because it has a neutral color coating and provides clear vision by eliminating reflections and scattered light. Therefore you will be able to enjoy sunglasses in all outdoor activities driving fishing or any water sports. Imagine how good you will feel if you don't have to worry about your eye health while being able to enjoy and appreciate every beautiful detail of the world.
Move freely and feel at ease Spring hinged temples stretch freely and wear more comfortably. We care about your eyesight and want to help you wear sunglasses when you need it. Therefore we chose ultra-light materials shatter-resistant polarized lenses for the spectacle frames and we carefully made each edge smooth and polished so that you might even forget to wear them in the sun. Wearing sunglasses has never been easier safer and more comfortable!
Perfect after-sales service 100% customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If you have any questions about our products please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to resolve your doubts. thank!

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